CBC Summit 2015.
  Welcome dinner in honor of the New Ambassador HE Mrs. Michelle Cameron 2015.
  General Assembly/Christmas Party 2014.
  Visit to Lebanon of the the Honorable Mr. Jason Kenny Minister of Employment and Social Development & Minister for Multiculturalism 2014.
  Trade Facilitation Office Lunch 2014.
  Trade Facilitation Office conference at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut and Mount Lebanon 2014.
  Union Vinicole du Liban Conference 2014.
  In October 2010, LCBA welcomed H.E the new ambassador Mrs. Hilary Childs-Adams and celebrated LCBA 20th Anniversary at the same time with an exceptional reception at the White Lounge.
  When Canadian singer Ms. Chantale Chamandil visited Beirut in April; 2008 a lunch was held in her honor in ATCL.
  Christmas 2006, a gathering was organized on the Embassy Premises.
  When H.E Mr. Louis de Lorimier took over his new responsabilities , a reception was held in his Honor at Habtoor Grand Hotel.
  During the francophonie conference in Lebanon a reception was held for the Canadian delegation at ATCL.
  A welcome reception in honor of H.E Mr. Michel Duval was held at the Palm Beach Hotel upon assuming his new post.
  A farewell reception was organized in honor of H.E Mr. Haig Sarafian before his departure from Beirut.
  During 2007, a new citizenship law was introduced and accordingly LCBA organized a conference on the topic that was presented by Mr. Glenn MacDougall
  In April 2007, the embassy organized a trip to Canada for an LCBA delegation consisting of its president Claude Boulos, Vice President Arslan Sinno and Secretary General Mr. Nabil Nahas.
  The same year, members of the LCBA helped the embassy staff in the evacuation of the Lebanese Canadians from Lebanon due to the 2006 war, 15,000 people were assisted and the embassy expressed their sincere appreciation by a special reception given in their honor in October by H.E the ambassador Mr. Louis Delorimier at his residence.
  In 2006, the LCBA organized a seminar on the franchising business from Canada at the hotel Sofitel-Le Gabriel.
  In 2005 ‘ how to do business in Canada’ a convention that was done in collaboration with the commercial sector of the Canadian embassy and the Beirut Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  A conference on Fiscal matters was made in 2003.
1995 LCBA promoted the need for re-opening the embassy in Lebanon and have helped and its reopening after its closure due to the sad events that took place in Lebanon from 1975 to 1990.

Each year, LCBA holds an evening festivity on the first of July to celebrate the Canda day.

2004: President Sabbah El Hajj received everyone for dinner at the Golf Club.

2005: A beach party was held at the Edde Sands 

2006: Another beach party was held around the pool of Bamboo Day. 

2007: H.E Ambassador Mr. Louis de Lorimier received members of the diplomatic corp, politicians, business people as well as members of LCBA for a cocktail at the Embassy residence. 

2008: LCBA celebrated Canada day and bid farewell to H.E Louis de Lorimier with a beach party at Edde Sands. 

2009: Presdent Sinno held a beach party at St. Georges Yacht Club.

2010: A dinner was held at Le Maillon Restaurant to celebrate Canada Day and wish well H.E and Mr. Martial Page who was assuming new responsabilities.



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